How to download Real Estate App via text code to your BlackBerry

  1. From the main screen, dial the numbers “87778”Mobile Real Estate App Blackberry
  2. Press the BlackBerry Key (the button with the seven dots in the shape of the BlackBerry logo) and select “SMS Text 87778”
  3. Type the text code “MK0712” into the body of the message
  4. Press the BlackBerry key and select “Send”
  5. When you receive the text message response, open the text message and select the link by scrolling over the link with the trackball to highlight and pressing the trackball to select it. Then select “Get Link”
  6. Select “Download”
  7. The download process will now begin.
  8. When you see the message “The application was successfully installed” select “ Run”
  9. When you login for the first time, you will have to verify your cell phone number.  Your number is only used to set up an account to access saved properties online
  10. Select “Accept” on the disclaimer page
  11. Now you are able to use the app. When you are not using the app, be sure to exit completely so that the app does not run in the background and drain your battery (this goes for any app). You can exit out of any app by pressing the BlackBerry key and selecting
  12. “Exit” from the menu.


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